First not spa

Ladies and gentlemen & others, how we begin? Top, bottom or between? What if it’s a farce that leads nowhere? Especially since fallson my head all the time, the humidity disturbs minds, & a shame still on the blackened originals. Okay, I’ll replace the ceiling, but I have to take everything apart. No, no sense, I can’t afford it. What’s next? How to drive it safely? Don’t think too much. I’s a lot easier, Do, what doesn’t want to work, first.

After the first call to the extra expert you already know that your car “sure rotten, fungusised, & I can already feel the engine smells like teen spirit” e.t.f.c. e.t.f.c. Everyone wants to “help”, you know, but to impute & amputate at the same moment? Wallet still hurts, so alpine combine. The best would be specialized remedy consultations’ slalom between people engaged. The first advice is to visit a blacksmith, because springs will be cheaper than airbags. Roofing slurries for fixing holes is worse then butyl compound from Germany. As it turns out not the best. It’s easier to walk on two legs than it is to keep driving around in a broken-down car.

A blacksmith in his seventies still forges. A vice-like grip, of course. But one finger doesn’t work. He had fallen as he suffered a stroke, due to depression after his wife’s death. We’ve been talking longer than the repair, I suspect. That strong he is. He is right-wing and bitter and overzealous. He puts on one more leaf spring spring on each side. Through lazy empathy, I don’t want to correct him. I’m still driving like that until now. Why did I even listen to his story 😉 

Th tradesman shitty mechanic maximized its position, so a little bit of squishy mud more and it burned together with the joint cover.  Mr Fox, a friend of a fresh acquaintance from Soviet Street, arrives. (still exists in Poland, what can I say). He didn’t say how much it will be cost, Husbil didn’t agree to fit on a trailer, but since Fox had no work to do, he risked pulling it & got a ticket. Who should pay for it? Especially that “the oil has never been changed in it”. Offf cooourse. The work is completed by a keen assistant; What precision I should expect when foxes around.

It’s running now. Plugs & cap, alternator belt too loose. All holes on the roof filled temporarily with butyl mass. Lights next. Parts from Allegro & Autodoc. Blinkers are impossible to find worldwide. Regeneration available, but expensive. So aluminium foil from chocolate fits perfect, because sprays supposedly “suck”. Does it light? Does it blink? Awesome. Rear yellow one found in a farmer’s market after a long search. Try not to laugh.

New fans are too expensive & apparently don’t fit into the holes. Regeneration on my own. Car paint and patience helps. Original tables painted black. After awhile I can feel I was born with sandpaper. Patience is my new wife with reciprocity. Well, what have you got.

Second spa

The mechanic dancer we meet turns out to be a hetman in a fledgling reenactment group. In return for a couple of history self friendly movies we get a spot under a shelter. Classic. Most undergo a metamorphosis similarly, I suspect. Wands won’t always point, I help him dig ditches for water, smoke meat, handle maceing and recruiting new members. He returns the favor with homemade liqueurs and tinctures.

BTW, I visit Żółkiew in Ukraine. Beautiful neglected city. Poor people. Prices like in a fairy tale.
Like in the East as a whole.

Who would bother taking off the old paint layers. So using gun, roller and brush over the orange peel. And again. Till satisfaction comes. Inside the same with rollers and brushes, 4, 5 , 6, 7. if counting them would satisfy but not. Well done job do.

If someone tells you he knows everything about electricity, make him show on his old one. By failing to secure the old electrical wires and not having working fuses at the batteries, it almost burned down. We had to reorganize cables again. An electrician from Zwierzyniec Furniture Factory helped.

Third still spa

The only mechanic replied to repair the water and glycol heating selection valve was from social media. After 40 km we were driven to Konstancin by a tow truck to the rhythm of the insurance driver’s words, to replace the mechanic after a dead alternator. MRak regenerated it, replaced the water pipes, cleaned up some corrosion in the gas lines and the spark started to light from the 35 year old fridge. He didn’t take much, as from the forum it was at a discount. Back East.

Fourth after spa

For the first two weeks, the panorama of 220 at our fingertips made it impossible to leave the place. We were visited by elk, foxes, martens, roe deer, wild boar and blessedly hedgehogs. The little ones are settled in with us. The birds, as usual, were in concert and flawless. Dad took a liking to the milkweed.

Finishing touches up the details all the time. Warm, cozy varnish, the best yacht varnish with teak glow.
In the meantime we were invited to retro caravans exhibition during Caravans Salon with new ones in Poznan; one of 20 teams on supposedly the biggest such event in Poland. And there will also be a rally... So the freedom is coming and the excitement is thick as painted.

No epilog spa

Always a supplement of some sort. Andrew paraglider, treasure Emaster with nice/pro guys; Want to fly with him, look for DOMIN on southwest.


  1. Take care of inspire. If you’re watching, ask. Especially older ones. Make no harm to you. It’s all the same whether you buy or admire. they feel pleasantly surprised anyway. If it’s too much multitasking for you, take notes.

  2. (Don’t) negotiate whenever you can. Crazy steps in this measure are also indicative of a non-trivial commitment. If you can tell the difference between a fascinator and a salesman – it’s not so bad anymore. BTW, to a fascinator to pay more is not a sin.

  3. Think at least three times before you fix something. In general, apply this rule in your life as you have time. Overzealousness is worse than fascism. And in an RV where are you in a hurry? 

  4. A drop beats a rock. If it’s retro, carry a long, sturdy cord, a thin non-hole tarp, Dekaseal, Sikaflex and Calvados with you on the road.

  5. WC cube by the cables for martens. 3M tape for the roof. Plastic is not your best friend. It pretends to be too much stiffness.

  6. всё ещё исследует 😉 尚待继续。

Take your pick.

Me as a former FB

My Way. First memory of the invisibility star ship of comfort and observation. How long you might stay there...

to be continued.