His tail drew one third of the stars of the sky & threw them to the earth AGO kind of TIME.
AP 12.4 & AD 12.12.4

The first view after the first night in the own first camper no longer at the pale dawn.
Like regaining virtue
I might say 😉

By coincidence beyond the right side of the photo there's an invisible church. Quiet clean & safe. Water isn't always easy to find.
The second stop is on the way to the East.

In the first days of September 1278 the final battle between the Tatars and the heir of Wąwolnica Otto Jastrzębczyk took place near Głusk in Opole. By the roadside near the big stone the Tatars set up camp with their booty and prisoners. On a huge boulder they placed a well-known and revered by the local Poles statue of the Virgin Mary. They made a mockery of her in front of the enslaved.

The khan’s flag fell, “above the Mother of God appeared brightness and began to rise, on the opposite mountain a few hundred paces away she stood on a linden tree, as if escaping from the hands of the infidels, sometimes even more terrified Tatars fled as quickly as possible…

… So they left the loot that was not on the carts and the prisoners without thinking about conquering the castle. After their escape the statue of Mother of God stood on a stone”. A few hundred steps further, the heir Otto Jastrzębczyk decided to build a wooden church for the miraculous statue.

You will go where your feet carry you or the wheels of fortune turn like a jar for winter. Hi, Mom! In Other Words, Do You Choose Par King or Does He Choose You?

The Kębel figurine dates back to ca. 1440. It was made of a linden trunk, 85 cm high and 27 cm wide in an unknown Silesian or Pomeranian workshop. It is a part of the so-called cycle of Beautiful Madonnas whose prototype was a stone sculpture of the Beautiful Madonna of Vimperg and the presentation of the infant Jesus to the world by his mother.

On 8 September 1700, with the consent of Pope Inocente XII the statue of Our Lady of Kębło was carried in solemn procession to the parish church in Wąwolnica. The coronation of the statue took place on the 700th Anniv. of the revelations – on 10 September 1978 with the consent of Pope Paul VI by the Ordinary of Lublin, priest Boleslaw Pylak. It was the last coronation of Mary in Poland before the John Paul II pontificate.

“All night long before the coronation celebrations pilgrims were drawn to Wąwolnica. Marian songs resounded on all roads leading to the ancient town. The faithful came with their priests from the whole diocese. They also came individually by car & bicycle”

“The day of September 10, 1978 was cloudy & rainy and yet thousands of people stood up to their ankles in water in Marian Square. The hills surrounding the square were also filled with pilgrims. About one hundred thousand faithful attended the coronation ceremony.”

When the plague began to spread in 1892, Father Joseph Pruszkowski, the parish priest, preached from the pulpit: "I see that by the grace of Mary we are shielded over our parish as if by the mantle of Mary of Kłębel". (parish chronicle).

On my way back to the Husbil, I stopped by a man correcting the writing on the sign. He turned around, I smiled and saluted. He began to tell the story:

– The 30-year war ended in ’48 and all those bandit German troops plundered the Polish lands (…) Countries like Germany or France – they were associated with nepotism and a bureaucracy developed there. In Poland there was so much democracy that there was no bureaucracy and no modern state. If you look at the Tower of England, the king sits behind huge walls. And if we go to Białostocczyzna, to Knyszyn, which was the favourite place of King Zygmunt August, the last of the Jagiellons, there were no walls. He was not afraid that someone would hack him there. Similarly, if we look at Russia, there were only two Czars who died a natural death. One went mad and the other they sent back to the monastery.

– So it’s a slaughter.

– The Father murdered the Son, the Son murdered the Father…. This is how it was done. Peter I murdered the son. Then the daughter ruled … but this is … a different civilization… Asian… a different spirituality. I know these Eastern countries. Because I do not live here. My great-grandfather fought here. And that’s why we’re restoring the monument. He left four children. He died in Trotsky. He was sentenced to prison. Trotsky is 1000 km away from Baikal. (…) These people are the society that always follows the authorities. It knows no opposition. Pragmatism means that you follow the one who rules. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree. Just as Peter I ordered various things to be done and the boyars did them all. If a boyar did not shave, they tore off his beard. And he was still an wise ruler. They admire Poles on the one hand and hate them on the other. It is such a strange love. I experienced it many times. I can speak Russian. For example, I have read everything by Dostoyevsky. It is impossible to be a man without knowing this Dostoyevsky. I traveled in the footsteps of holy places in Russia. For example, Rublev’s beautiful frescoes. In Kazan there are half Orthodox and half Muslims. And then there’s Saudi Arabia… In the 90s I lived in Germany, in Cologne, for half a year. There is such cheeky pretend there. 

– They only do it for business.

– But absolutely. Then I lived in Bonn when it was still the capital. I lived near Bonn in such a small town. I used to go for walks there in the evenings and I got to know a German with a dog that was also running. First we said good morning to each other, then some about the weather, then about politics. And one month into our conversations he said: I would invite you to my place for tea or dinner, but I have a wife who is a pediatrician and you know how I can invite someone like you, what the neighbors would say. And the doctor’s reputation would suffer.

– His empathy is minus one at this point.

– Well, no, but he’s so stupid… So when I swallowed that saliva… Then I started walking the other way. I realized that he didn’t give a damn about me. He told me that he was a soldier of course they were all in the anti-aircraft forces they shot at planes at people never. So that’s the story. Well, but I met some Poles who escaped to Germany in the 80s…. he even worked at the Silesian Technical University…. And they escaped to Germany, supposedly some relative, a grandmother, I think, had some roots, supposedly, or maybe German. And he says he has two sons who go to school. He’s been living there for 10 years and he hasn’t been in any German house yet, and no German has been to his house. And he says that if a friend comes to his sons to pick up a notebook or a book, this German wouldn’t cross the corridor and enter his room. That’s how it’s segregated. Anyway… in the German states in the 17th century the neighbouring towns attacked each other. There was only one rule: you couldn’t attack during harvest time. There are loess ravines here – unique in the world – between Nałęczów, Kazimierz and Puławy. I used to do open air painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I built myself a little house here and I come here from time to time.


Comrades, I'm sure you already know the casting in Poland is 'one trick pony'. So... Mom asks if you really want to play, whatever ungrateful, role in the Drama, which we suspect you don't want to?

And since she watched Leviathan with the same emotional impact as The Riders of the Lost Panther, she doesn't want to disappoint the expected similarities and twists...

So, who wants to be the world's most cool oppressor and pick out a poster in a still-empty space?

Closet in the room in moro scribbles or in peace colorful business? 😉

This whole situation resembles a sick hunt in whatever mutation you want it to be. Only that the roles have changed and it is no longer clear who is chasing whom. I recently read an article in the Polish media supposedly trying to prove/establish a dialogue, & through lack of facts/misinterpretations & lack of humility/factual evidence it became some kind of gibberish, & also self-defeating. Unique & extraordinary. Where is the other side that does not want to talk to you? There can be no dialogue from your side, because you have annexed almost all the beachheads, forced deals with almost everyone, artificially inflated the pedagogy of shame, created a monster of sufferism, & now after stomping around you pretend that there were "almost" other intentions. Disgusting, in a word. You made a judgment without exhumation, created plays out of it, and sold tickets. Again, in a word, disgusting.

An interesting story happened to me 7 years ago. I found myself suddenly in the Blue City where no one wants any tourists anymore. I rest in peace and quiet. I went down to eat and heard reggae music from some gallery. I find her, I get into the rhythm, we greet each other and say: "Jaaah" - "Jaaah". I look around smiling, jewelry here as well. The gaze immediately falls on one ring. I ask: - What does it mean? - God is great - he answers. - There is Only One God. I smile at him and say, "I'll take it. He smiles too.

Why inability wearing this ring almost nowhere is not funny at all?

Remember, if camper sale ad says "just get in and drive" that means you need to be careful when viewing.

to be continued