I'm Adam

I was born in Białystok (eng. white stream), the multinational melting pot of eastern Poland.

If Hrabal wrote it, would probably sound: I was born on the same day as famous Adolf. No, not the pre-war king of Polish comedy Dymsza or pre-war Polish wunderkind geopolitician & thinker Bocheński. No. The other, which everyone bother. But because it couldn’t be too easy… My father was born on the same day as Napoleon – Day of the Miracle at Vistula River and the Day of God’s Mother of Herbs.” Weak?

UNESCO Camp. Puławy, Poland 1991

fot. Dariusz Senkowski

I couldn’t sit still in the piano class at the Music School, so when I ran out a bit, I played the guitar at the Music Centre in Leon Onichimiuk’s class.

Together with Robert Słucki we got a distinction at the Religious Song Festival for the music to the C.K. Norwid poem, and with Grześ Kluczyński from the blues band Health Fund I played at Saint Woyciech.

I passed the year of the false Round Table on math-physics class to the 1st Adam Mickiewicz High School in Białystok. He knows who was there then. Your Old Pa was there.

I played Jacek Kaczmarski’s songs with Grzesiek Skowroński, and with Łukasz Bińkowski made a show on Radio Białystok and we wrote new High School Law. Fighted out point by point at the Pedagogical Council. Against was laudest the chemist Ewa Adamczyk. Still succeeded.

High School party 1992 (w/ Łukasz Binkowski)

Last year of High School I worked a little for “The Polish Community”, organizing fun for kids from so-called difficult Polish families from Belarus.


Second year of high school, I started participate to the Amateur Klaps Theater provided by Antonina Sokolowska. Together with the guys from the theater (at the bottom) we founded the living poets’ society: Smokers of Sincerity.

Smokers of Sincerity: Sebastian Nietupski, Wojtek Kowalczuk, me, Krzysiek Bugajski, Adam Woronowicz. Wilnius, Lithuania 1992

Wojtek disgusted the idea, but we all got into acting studies.

In the third grade, together with Krzyś Bugajski (bottom) we adapted and staged the novel by Jose Mario de Vasconselos “Come Wake Up the Sun”. Besides the theater, we played it in the Night Club “13”, for example.

Krzysiek Bugajski, poet and actor. Ruciane Nida, Poland 1992

Instead of going to my prom, I went with the Klaps performance “Epiphanys” at the Forum of Theaters to Poznań. Stand on the stage where Tadeusz Łomnicki did not manage to play Lear the year before… Oh, boy

After my final exams I took part in the Białystok film “Man from the shadows”, Jan Kamiński and Jurek Zińczuk, story about revealing an uncomfortable history from the hidden past See the film

Arnold in "The Man from a Shadow" dir. Jerzy Zińczuk (left), Białystok, Poland 1993

A year later I appeared in third set in “Extradition 2” dir. Wojciech Wójcik as Gundisman. I borrowed the skin leather from Marcin Dorociński.

I got to the Acting Study of the PWST in Warsaw together with Adam Woronowicz. Fantastic years of joint search tortures with young directors (Gustaw Holoubek 1st&3rd y.workshop) and designers from Academy of Fine Arts and composers. Shakespeare on 2y. with Jadwiga Jankowska Cieślak and “Winnie the Pooh” on 3y. with Piotr Cieplak.

Diploma. Isaac "The Jacob Story" based on "Acropolis" by Stanisław Wyspiański and "The Book of Ecclesiastes", dir. Piotr Cieplak, AT Theatre Warsaw 1997 (w/ Adam Woronowicz)

Year before I graduated, the school became the Theater Academy and the board of professors said that our year was kind of rare because we loved each other.

DRAMA theateR in biaŁystok

I played as a guest in several theaters in Poland: reopened National in 1997 in Warsaw, in Gdynia’s Miejski, in Wierszalin. However, the special memory is from 12 Electric Street in Białystok. Playing and directing.

With dell’arte style play “Everything for Love” by Shakespeare, dir. Piotr Dąbrowski we’ve got a distinction at the International Theater Festival in Cairo, Egypt in 2003.



fot. Grzegorz Dąbrowski

King, Vain, Drunkard, Banker, Geographer and Fox in "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, dir. Tomasz Hynek, 1999 (Bartek Bielenia as a young Little Prince)

fot. Grzegorz Dąbrowski
fot. Grzegorz Dąbrowski

White Rabbit and Turtle in "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll, dir. Magdalena Siemieńczuk, 2000 (Monika Zaborska as Alice)

fot. Grzegorz Dąbrowski
fot. Piotr Sawicki

Launce in "Two Gentelman of Verona" by William Shakespeare (above) and Jukli in "The Judges" by Stanisław Wyspiański (below), dir. Piotr Dąbrowski 2003

fot. Piotr Sawicki


My debut in proffesional theatre directing was “Island” in 2004 on the OFF Stage, based on the apartheid play written by Athol Fugard, John Kania and Winston Ntshona. Actors: Marcin Dąbrowski and Paweł Stankiewicz. Music: Renard Krajewski. Slides: Krzysztof Pijarski


Stanisław "These children, by the way" 1997 dir. Jean Beaudin (w/ Danny Gilmore). Canada

Florek in "Goldishpolish" 1997-2004 dir. Janusz Dymek, Ireneusz Engler, Sławek Piwowarski (w/ Kazimierz Kaczor)

Wiesiek in "On Commune Street" 2005/7 dir. Urszula Urbaniak, Wojtek Smarzowski (w/ Anna Guzik)

Rysiek in "In a God's Garden" 2007/9 dir. Jacek Bromski (w/ Adam Zieleniecki)

Three different roles "Father Matteo" 2008/14 reż. Maciek Dutkiewicz, Wojtek Nowak (w/ Artur Żmijewski and Paweł Deląg)


Hard to find some pics. There was a time, we work instead of making ourselves pics.

Grzegorz Jankowski. The Friend. Alive.

Promo to Londoners set. Warsaw, Poland 2008. TVP Chairman Award

I’ve been making trailers for TVP1 since 2008. A total of several hundreds for two years. Such a workshop. Anna Cisak (below) wrote all the voiceovers.

My Promo Tour de Pologne 2009 (screenplay and dir.) received the prestigious European EBU Connect Award. DoP: Dominik Struss

fot. Krzysztof Wojciechowski

Editing reportage about music composer Krzysztof Penderecki 2010

With Piotr Muszyński dop (left) & Mariusz Gujski producer (right) Social Add "Hypertension". Warsaw 2010

I did a lot of different forms of promoting film, TV Plays and culture in general on TVP. Once, for example, we pretended with the hosts during interviews with TVP celebs that something’s going to be technically broken in studio. I don’t know if it would be funny today. In 2010, I made first Idents for TVP1 see here 

In 2010, I opened more to different, other media and TVs, e.g. I wrote, made film materials and directed an avatar at the Orange Sport studio in the show about a children’s soccer school. Avatar animation: Piotr Tworek


Editors I worked with, including Kasia Sawicka, Maciek Lewiński, Ania Hebda and Paweł Szelest allowed me to look around and since 2009 if I only could, I have been editing my work. And in the meantime, how to say, more feminine explorations.


Independence gives a freedom of speech, but much less money and the risk no one will hear you. I made the Human Energy movie about Renewable Energy Source cooperatives for three years in 12 European countries without a film crew but with huge hypocrisy and absurd conspiracy. With the help from Weronika Bloch More about film

fot. Tomasz Kempa

On the set of "Rasta", at local artist workshop Adam. Warsaw Otwock. 2012

fot. Tomasz Kempa

Bartek Rassbass on set "Rasta", Warsaw. 2012

fot. Tomasz Kempa

Paula Strzelecka on set "Rasta", Warsaw Żoliborz. 2012

Tomasz Kempa, photografer & carpenter. Warsaw Praha. 2013

Homeless on Dublin street "Island Green" 2015

fot. Weronika Bloch

Climate Change Influence Food Producers Meeting Garbagna, Italy. 2015

fot. Weronika Bloch

Independencia Rally. Girona, Spain. 2015

fot.Weronika Bloch

Totnes, UK. 2016

fot. Weronika Bloch

Adriano Figueiredo from "Low Carbon Hub", Oxford, UK 2016

fot. Weronika Bloch

Traveling & editing. 2016

fot. Weronika Bloch

Prof. Dimitris Katsaprakakis, energy engineer from Crete. Sifnos, Greece. 2017

fot. Weronika Bloch

Bytom, Poland. 2017

fot. Weronika Bloch

Ania, Paweł & Tolek. Szelest family of editors. Also painters, musicians & Hawai folk dancers 2020

fot. Weronika Bloch

Agamemnon & Jay. London, UK 2016

fot. Weronika Bloch

Always helpful, if he takes a phone Maciek Lewiński. 2017


since I can remember I've wanted to put them together one day



If you have the true idea…