The first thing comes to mind in Poland in an RV not the meta consumption the joy of social status holiday financial calculations showing off in front of a jealous neighbor etc. No. Freedom. Your Own. The Only One. Regained. Without harmful sugar noise collective teasing. Freedom in times of pestilence. Beloved. Desired. Eat what I want Go where my Eyes take me Choose the Media (by) Myself. Freedom RES U R Rected. Timeless Realizes & when there is no one A needed Hurts.

Everybody knows quality of Polish roads. Budget patch chasing patch budget. Everyone, of course, is allowed to explore every A venue, but you should be careful if you drive without a 4×4 because Polish agriculture is treated like a bitch, unless your wife accidentally accompanies you as an actor on the tractor.

Poland is full of curiosities of freedom, but a complete phenomenon of “higher necessity” freedom is the price list and the enigma of origin of the A2 “Highway of Freedom” from Łódź to Poznań. The most expensive Self-interest in EuroCountry. A mockery in the face. In the face?

Campervan men are laid back, sharing tips freely. They want your old lady to live as long as should.) Grzesiek Dubrowski, the Gino of Warsaw club scene and Polish caravanning, from the lack of organs in the human body, suddenly comes down to “all campervan men are closed in on themselves”. It’s all about car, isn’t it? 😉

Sebastian turned years of travelling with his parents in „Niewiadow” trailer into a passion for bringing old cars back to life, like a 90’s Robur from the no longer existing DDR state, diesel 4 cylinder 4 litres air-cooled. Despite the lack of support from the local government, he built a mill on his land that benefit the local community e.g. baking bread. Also Manufacturing beekeeping equipment & running “Agrotourism ” At the Mill” organizes games for children in the area. “The most important thing is the first 2 months & get through. You have to trudge forward through setbacks. After that it’s OK ;)”

Dariusz: “I never thought it was cool to travel by car, sleep in it or, God forbid, wash it. I thought it was for the brave. And it turned out to be true. My wife is now furious with me because I spend most of the time in the RV. 🙂 This is the first Hobby body on a Fiat Ducato made by the owner of Hobby from a trailer, there is no other one. The old cars made with technology that is so called oversized; everything is too big, too heavy, too strong, too durable. Such cars are not made anymore.Today such cars are not made anymore. This is the first Hobby body on a Fiat Ducato made from a caravan by the owner of Hobby, so it’s actually the oldest Fiat Ducato with such a body in the world; there is no other one like it. These are old cars made with technology that is so called oversized; everything is too big, too heavy, too strong, too durable. Such cars are not made anymore.Today such cars are not made anymore. Darek founded the Retrowozy group.

Andrew spent two years renovating the camper by himself: “rot and cry”. Btw, he had been making the first industrial salami in Poland. “Once I had enough, it was hard to find someone to take my place. Nobody wanted to ;)”


Mariusz builds outboard engines Long Tail Polska SPS, “which are used by 1/3 of the world, the whole Asia.” He also builds replica VW cucumbers based on Subaru, also boats and kayaks.


Marcin has been wandering around the world for over 30 years, in an off-road vehicle for 20 and in an RV for only a year.  He takes pictures.


Designers also walking around and sniffinig 😉 Piotr Kubinski appreciates and tells only in German Cologne he could realize his dreams/plans of the first cabrio campervan worldwide. I ask myself in advance if this is not an oxymoron;) After Skydancer he shows another space version “Body Pushed from the front”. Extremely Interesting.

Rallies – Friends – Fairs – Emotions – Gadgets – Friends – Openings – Advice – Honesty Stories – Fockers – Solutions – Admirers – Old Souls – Homemade Preserves and Liquors – The Discreet Elegance of Hulking Intelligence FuuuN. CAMPERVAN PARAKINGDISE

Opportunity makes the watcher, we wander among the new once. The hottest prices in MLN require finding some FAULTS 😉 Simple habit – side effect of dealing with the Polish Tax Office. So what it’s 30 years of freedom, everybody I spoked with tell „They always have to Find something” Simply shittyrules.

You go out with new friends you’ve made to the Ukrainian  pub Wostok for borsch and “pielmieni” and on your way back it turns out that Enigma Museum was opened just a moment ago. Well? Weak? (Really?) Look Bo! Don’t think twice & bite a sense. There’s a certain quality to the way circumstances play out. Either it’ s gonna blow your brains out or it’ s gonna open the door.

Take a good look at this picture what do you see? shtupid tin ferro cans scraps?

Would you look differently if there were free people dreaming peacefully in each of these CarS Pe Diem & carus nox?

To Be Continued