Poland has always been the heart of Europe and has always been kind of hot a geopolitical cake from left to right, with blackouts till today. The Government Act of May 3rd, 1971 was the first written Constitution in Europe regulating the legal system of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the second in the world after the United States. The nation divided, quarreling, dissipated and with bribed the lowest nobles after the Swedish Deluge did not defend itself. Traitors spies and false propagandists sold out the country. Poets cried, trumpets did’t thunder, volcanoes did’t erupt. Sound familiar?

The meaning of life was taken away from Poles for 123 years. Humiliation, oppression, rape, murder, public executions, deportation to death camps and labor. Like a bitch. Agony, forced Germanization & Russification, Instilling the New Gentlemen’s Principles in children minds by Whipping and Flogging.  Września & others. DISSENT TO TYRANNY. The greatest rebels and fighters of A.C.

Between 1905-15 another “spectacular/silent” uprising took place in Poland. Poles, deprived of chances in open battle, reached for terrorist methods. In 1906 alone they made 1245 attacks. The Polish Socialist Party formed units of professional commandos trained in combat and espionage. They successfully attacked trains and threw bombs at representatives of the tsarist general staff. Prisoners were busted from heavily guarded facilities and plans were made to assassinate the Tsar. Accidental and spontaneous actions gave way to the actions of well-organized militias. In 1907, there were more than two assassination attempts every day. In 1911 – one assassination attempt every two days.

Poland regained its independence after World War I. November 11, 1918. However, the Red Army’s claims to the eastern borderlands inhabited mostly by Poles met with understandable resistance. The final of the 1.5 years Polish-Bolshevik war was the Battle of Warsaw on 12-25.08.1920, commonly called the Miracle on the Vistula. “Around August 20 the Bolsheviks, retreating in disorder, said that till reaching Warsaw everything had gone well, but they did’t conquer the city because they saw the Mother of God over the capital and could not fight with her”. (from a report by Fr Wieslaw Wisniewski)

“Polish Operation” of the NKVD carried out during the period of the Great Terror in the USSR is undoubtedly one of the greatest crimes with genocidal features in the history of 20th century Europe. Under the order 00485 of 11 August 1937, issued by Nikolai Yezhov, People’s Commissar of the Interior of the USSR, no fewer than 139,835 people were repressed under the alleged charge of belonging to the Polish Military Organization (POW), which was allegedly involved in espionage and subversion activities for the benefit of Poland. No fewer than 111,091 of them were murdered, mostly by shooting to the back of the head. The vast majority of victims were Poles, but among the repressed were also Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews, and representatives of other national and ethnic groups living in the USSR. In addition, on the basis of Order No. 00486 of 15 August 1937, also issued by Nikolai Yezhov, the wives and children of “traitors to the Motherland” were subjected to repression. This story, despite its scale, did not exist in the mass imagination. It was not taken up in literature, film, theater, music and no info in school curricula.

During the communist period the 1930′ s terror topic was reduced only to “the period of Stalin’s errors and distortions”, when the victims were Polish Communist Party members. On the other hand in Western memory the Great Terror is identified exclusively with the publicized show trials of leading Bolshevik leaders.

On August 23, 1939 in Moscow the foreign ministers of the USSR and the Third Reich signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on mutual non-aggression. On behalf of Hitler and Stalin territories of Central and Eastern Europe were divided: Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland and Romania.  It made start the World War II easier on September 1, 1939. The Red Army invaded Poland on the 17 September 1939 from the East. Stanislaw Witkacy, the greatest artist of those times committed suicide because of lack of hope

On March 5, 1940, the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union adopted a resolution on the execution of Polish war prisoners from Soviet camps in Kozelsk, Starobelsk and Ostashkov and Polish prisoners held by the NKVD on the pre-war eastern provinces of the Republic of Poland. The Soviet NKVD political police committed crimes near Katyn against 21,857 Poles, including more than 10,000 army and police officers. The victims were executed with shots to the back of the head from short guns. Polish intelligentsia was MURDERED. Soviets were blaming Germans for 50 years. The world knew and remained silent for decades. Didn’t want to know this truth , didn’t want to face it for the sake of their own economic interests. The stench is reaching Heaven and shaking it.

On Tuesday, August 1, 1944, at 5 p.m., CRYPTONIM “W” AS FREEDOM, the Warsaw Uprising broke out. A precedent on a world scale. The members of the Polish resistance wanted to liberate the capital from German Nazis occupation before the Soviet army arrived and thus secure Poland’s sovereignty after the end of the war. The resistance movement branches, although numerous and full of young people, but without proper weapons, stood up to fight against the regular, fully militarized German army. Unfortunately, without the the allies help they had no chance to win. The help they were hoping for never came from the West. The Uprising, trapped between two powerful Soviet and German armies, was slowly bleeding out. The fate of the “Paris of the East” was sealed by Heinrich Himmler by ordering: “Every inhabitant is to be killed, no prisoners of war are to be taken, Warsaw is to be razed to the ground and in this way an intimidating example is to be given to the whole Europe.” The Polish capital was destroyed by nearly 85% and the inhabitants were expelled to transit and prisoner-of-war camps camps.

Poles never surrendered to the murderous German and Soviet occupation and constantly looked for a place to fight for their homeland. Some heroes such as my favorite Rotamaster Witold Pilecki voluntarily went to THE GERMAN NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND ESCAPED FROM THEM TO INFORM THE WEST ABOUT THE CRIME. Can anyone tell me where Poles did’t fight during WWII? Who is talking that they broke Enigma and shared the information? The honesty and generosity of Poles turned out to be not enough and in Yalta on 11.02.1945 Poland was betrayed once again. This time Churchull, Roosevelt, and Stalin gave their approval for the subjugation of Eastern Europe to the Soviet regime. The agony was prolonged for over 40 years. Purges oppressions murders DESPAIR. The concrete power has become “unbridled” under Moscow’s watchful eye. After a while the western part of Germany got back on its feet and started to live “in prosperity”. As if nothing had ever happened… as if no one had skinned the victims and burned them over an open fire… As if there were no Mengele, Himmler, Goebbels, SS formations and other “good Germans”. Poland has not received reparations so far. Somebody else got it… My friend recently told me that Germans keep their retro red convertibles in Sicily at the villagers’ house and drive them with a bang around the neighborhood. Such a “Sicilian Ordung”.

The period of PRL was another continuous series of repressions, persecutions, poverty and fraud. Moscow’s concrete ruled. Explosions and bleeding in 1956, 1968, 1970, 1980-81. Emerged the Solidarity grassroots movement  changed the face of Europe. The USSR lackey wojciech jaruzelski imposed martial law on 13.12.1981. On December 16, 1981, fire was opened on the miners of the “Wujek” mine. Nine of them died. Repressions of internment, poverty until it squeaked. I remember.

Ryszard Kuklinski Colonel of the People’s Army of Poland, Deputy Chief of the Operational Board I of the General Staff of the Polish Army. On his own initiative he started cooperation with the American CIA. In the years 1971-1981 he gave the Americans tens of thousands of secret plans of Warsaw Pact attacks on NATO countries. Today he is called “the first Polish officer in NATO”. He was secretly deported from Poland together with his family. He received the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army, and worked as an expert for the Department of Defense and the Department of State. Meanwhile, in Poland, in May 1984, the Military Court in Warsaw sentenced Kuklinski to death in absentia. The sentence was overturned in 1995. The colonel was also restored to military rank, and in 2016 he was posthumously (he died in 2004 in the U.S.) promoted to brigadier general by the Polish president. He lost two sons. Who knows what the Post-Nuclear Desert of Europe would have looked like. Who knows…

Probably the biggest lie of the Polish People’s Republic was the absurd and irresponsible text on the TVP Daily News on 28.10.1989: “Ladies and gentlemen, communism ended in Poland on 4 June”. Who asked whom here and who will pay for this outright lie? During 30 years and dozens of scandals like FOZZ, Bogatynia, Colloseum, Bank Staropolski, GetBack, Art B, Aber Gold etc., selling state property for next to nothing, badgering and notorious robbing Poles, it turns out that the leader of Solidarity movement was an ordinary snitch and an expert “of two scrolls on the cross”, with “Mother of God” shamelessly pinned in his lapel; probably uncontrollable only in the realm of gibberish, another Nobel laureate of peaceful temperature, comprehensively unrepresentative president of Poland. As colleagues from the East say: “It’s better to twist Lolek than pretend to be Bolek”. Prof. Sławomir Cenckiewicz, one of the authors of TW Bolek’s expose has been insulted by him in social media until now. BTW, there are commercial media in Poland which still can’t come to terms with this exposure.

On 10th April 2010, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, at 8:41 CEST the TUPOLEV TU 154 airplane with the Polish delegation was approaching the Smolensk landing and crashed. There were 96 people among them: President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczyński with his wife Maria Kaczyńska, the last President of the Republic of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, deputy speakers of Parliament and Senate, 18 parliamentarians, chiefs of all the Polish Armed Forces, employees of the President’s Office, heads of state institutions, church clerics, ministries, veterans’ and social organizations representatives and the accompanying persons, as well as the plane’s crew.


“I can’t get used to PIS’s pigs. She sent such an email to 750 MEPs and their assistants.”

One famous American author once said that Poland is a country of extraordinary dramatic intensity and that if shakespeare could, he should have been born here. I wonder what he would say if he realized how fast the cases/scandals in Poland are not solved/exposed and the criminals are brought to justice. In Poland, for various reasons, among others to commemorate the Smolensk catastrophe victims, a group of people walked every month. The more the “impossibility” atmosphere of discovering the causes of the plane crash grew, the more the idea of the monthly commemoration was attacked. Considering the history of Poland (for example, the above facts), the pace of change, the systems beneficiaries of various parties, one shouldn’t be surprised why ordinary people, believing in justice, didn’t stop walking and manifesting. Only by stomping and praying they could stop the consuming mechanism of oblivion, manipulation by political pressure and ordinary human fatigue. 

Mariusz Max Kolonko, Polish journalist, former USA correspondent for TVP and TVN, columnist, presenter, and television producer, has lived in the USA since 1988. Since November 2012, the journalist has been running the Max Kolonko – MaxTV channel on YouTube.On 16 October 2016, MaxTV channel with 134 videos was on the 42nd place of the list of the most popular, in terms of the number of Polish language subscriptions. 

While receiving the Kisiel Award in the Publicist category at the gala on 22.03.2016 M.M.K. said: “When I look at it from afar, from America, I see German capital everywhere. 75% of the media market in Poland is in German hands. I guess you know that much?  (…) Therefore, I have done such a thing that I have published a petition on Max TV, which is spinning with lightning, to limit German capital in the media on the territory of the Polish State. (…) But sign this petition, because you are probably the Polish media, ….  yes or no? Are you for or against? OK. In that case, is there German capital in the room? Aaaa! Waaruum! Well, I’m the only one here who tells it like it is.” M.M.K. had planned to run for president in 2020, but failed to submit the 100,000 signatures required for candidate registration to the PKW. On June 27, 2020, he called on his followers on Twitter to boycott that election. On July 4, he declared himself the self-proclaimed president of Poland ad interim, declaring the establishment of the “United States of the Fourth Republic of Poland.”

Winner of the 2015 Kisiel Award in the category of Publicist - Max Kolonko during the gala 22.03.2016

I don't sympathize with any party the political forces whose representatives died in the Smolensk catastrophe.But one situation related to the marriage of politics, history, and the reaction of the Polish artistic elite seemed significant to me.

By comparison, in the American media, for example, it is hard to find any public jokes about “9.11”. It seems obvious for a simple reason: it was a huge human tragedy and it should be respected. No more, no less, and that’s it. But not in Poland. In the Smolensk catastrophe people of different political groups died, ordinary people also died. And here Maciej Stuhr, an academic teacher of acting, the chief and very frequent entertainer, the favourite of a certain luxe circle, whose jokes often oscillate around “me, me, me” during acting awards, he takes the stage to judge the chairman of the dominant party in the Polish Parliament. And while the first jokes are laugh at the chairman’s suspicions (justified, as it turns out years later) about the so-called “second sort of Poles denouncing Poland abroad” and denouncing/maundering/swindling the former Polish president Lech Walesa, the last one is about the catastrophe, which has not been clearly explained so far, and the Russian side is suspected of causing it. So.

M.S. – It is with all the more pleasure that I have come to you today to announce the best actress of the second sort yyyy Plan.

– I would like to be well understoood… Secondary actors, this is not some army of performers… cursed…. yy doomed.

(Editorial: cursed soldiers, indomitable soldiers, Polish post-war independence underground resisting the Sovietization of Poland and its subordination to the USSR, fighting against the security services of the USSR and the services subordinated to them in Poland).

– This is not ….laughs in the audience…. it’s not…. a supporting actor is not someone who somewhere in the background wałęsa sorry…. rambling. ….. Applause….

– Actor and supporting actress is someone a movie stands on like a tire…. eee…. rock. ……laughs…..

– Sorry, because this was supposed to be serious and you have FUN HERE (TUPOLEW) and…  ….Applause….

(Editional: TUPOLEV in addition to the name of the Smolensk crash plane is also a play on words: “TU POLEW” – “here the laugh”, but in my opinion it can also be another play on words e.g. “TUP O LEW” (lion’s stomp) – pbcjwdkp)

BTW, and while we’re at it, I came across the web with an interesting amusement story. Well, ever since I got to drama school I have often thought about standup. I had one longer joke about a washing machine, which I worked on and which I often told among peoples; more than 10 years, such a show-off 😉 And since I wasn’t anonymous in the community either…. I’ve never heard anyone telling it like that and nobody ever mentioned it to me, so I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw an entertainer on YT in a commercial situation, with that very joke almost word-for-word. It’s also interesting that in the first commercial versions he adds that the story “he heard from a friend”, but in the later versions “is his story”. We are not friends…



“A new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? Germany wants to Put Russia back on feet.”

In 2013, I worked in Poland for a subsidiary of a German TV format factory as an editing director. After watching the materials I wanted to resign, because a pseudonym in credits would not cover the shame. The editor responsible for a benchmark episode argued that if I resigned, everything would fall apart and a team of a dozen or so editors and editorials staff would not find work at the end of the season (which could have been true). The ordeal was torturous, but I learned a few interesting things thanks to it. It’s true that the supervisor didn’t make a fuss with me, but with others he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The idea was to take the format from another station, produce it cheaply on a Polish training ground and sell it to the economic periphery in the East. It’s a muddy water shit. It stinks even when wrapped in a claw. It will make chaff in the brains of even an undemanding ironing woman. I gave up after a few months and they still did’t want to pay me. It was an open secret that others were similarly “insolvent” and that their game was obvious: to their shame and fatigue. I stomped and they paid.

Speaking of the obvious, one geopolitician with open American sympathies is trying to convince people, but I don't really know for what - whether to be vigilant in general, or to be enthusiastic about the restored Silk Road? He does this with, among other things, quotations from the Chinese about Poland: "Look at the map of Europe and Asia you will understand...", ... ... what the last 1000 years have been fighting for - that is mine 😉