dancing on the edge of darkness

Again, another turn in the spiral, another cycle and circle, a field of meaning jerked out of the Chaos. Flanked, untangled, closed. From ESO, 12 Monkeys through Ockham Razor, Truman Show, Shadow, Nobodyness, Nothingness. Time seemed to lost moving in a hyperbole of the end for a moment, as if he had swung enough and finally swung one last time. He spat out the beasts. Drained the energy and started back in another same but different function spin. Get the Stone of Stones.

Time will be… will mean otherwise, depending on how/where you look at it. In essence, you know nothing or almost nothing about yourself. Keeping hands in your pockets and pretending to be others pretending almost the same. Same format with the same lack. Of certainty of origin and pride of deformed charge. Are you lost together or separately at the same time? If you already accept the probability of some determination, can you manage to look at the Time from all sides, especially where affects your spirit from? Prefer to rejoice in the atrophy of the will? Or on the contrary, to feel the lead in the dance with the Spirit?

Spies see some kind of spirit, for example. That’s for sure. Always wanted to be a spy. Don’t say too much to be obliged to explain everything later. Yeah, but need to react, have to stop something. Is it possible to stimulate the senses to feel in the ocean of empathy the same stuff as others and send your own? To perceive what you want, what helps to puzzle? Of course. That’s how mediumship works. You’ll find those transmitting on the same wave with. Like sending one message possible to be read in polyphony, where each voice perceives differently/different and at the same time everyone can be convinced the message is directed exclusively to him. This is FUN at last.

Also seems to be a popular belief that you’ll find God in a field of juxtaposed paradoxes. That’s not quite true, because there you only begin to realize the gravity of the situation, the joy possibly stored for you, but you still have to feed a little faith. Finding it that way would more or less equal the number of books you read, which doesn’t seem quite fair or accessible. And besides, what’s the game…

If faith were a substance it would be swallowable and so some interesting difficulty is created requiring a certain mix of attention/feelings/attitudes. It is simply a requirement to achieve a certain balance you don’t read and the situation where you don’t call the shots. You can peepbidwise sometimes even bend the rules. It’s just like in any science, I guess. Just have to learn another unusual ingredient, you can’t see.

By the way, you may not even know what you receive, what you absorb. What charge you carry in you or with you. If you filter, where you store it? Do you see it or not? Is it not yours? Does auto-interpretation lie to/with you? Maybe it’s an undomesticated shpion (Russian spy). Until one day someone says the magic word, you run and start dancing on the edge of darkness. Where hardness of Hardship. At the balancing point of Time, at the edge of senses’ tolerance. Between the finite and the infinite. Where caesura by poetry. Where all pages seen.

With letters and numbers a world woven into smaller and larger, shorter and longer meanings. In essence, you could say it’s all about This hidden word within you, where you are You. Societies and groups already been read/created in network models so this may turn out to be the only true one, btw.

All in all, it’s the prism of your view that matters. To win in the perspective of timelessness being both reflecting and being reflected in the mirror of the ocean of happiness. The more variety the more fun. With access to false consciousness and hormone addiction 😉

Does the Illusion have to be so clear? Become flesh to put your finger in it? Long unasked unread in your mind you begin to claim. Rights sufferings conditions and business shit pedestal. You are only you you you. Lose your view. The game of intolerance. Lose access. You are only you you you. You no longer reconcile. Something fades away. No more chatting. The end.

You don’t even know that there’s only emptiness, discomfort and screaming. The trepidation no one listens to. Who doesn’t know? Already chew your cash. You are one of. Molded by some media that turned out to be just a tool to make another buck. It’s scary to admit that balance and humility are the key & the ticket. One of.

Post Scriptum Dicktum: Once upon a time blond giraffe told me how while working for the Obama campaign she realized definitively that an entire generation had been raised on the West Wing. I wiped out in the second season, because so-called noble people in so-called noble politics somehow I couldn’t swallow. Like PRL (Polish Communist Republic) propaganda differently. Wishful thinking, showmanship or manipulation? Or all together? Some day you’re watching the second season of a legal show and here, out of nowhere, a shot from Groundhog Day in the supposedly unlucky 13th episode. Different color correction but you recognize it ;))) And there is the line: “Looks like we have competition”. Why? It’s a joke after all, not a shortage of mooney;) they save on establishment. Or… it’s maybe a shot of anthropoVR – shots from this film like subliminal messages – anchors, like “happiness” cookies are placed in other series that you “MUST” watch over and over again. Like a life from which you can’t get rid of certain personas or shots and never again want to feel like you’re going in circles in some moronic screwed-up uncomfortable spiral. Like the Groundhog Day every day the same hell. Without even meaning to understand it. And from nowhere to help of your wife. And the same health run again like in a Black Mirror. Without even meaning to understand it. Because from nowhere to help of your good wife.