After conversation with Kukiz 15 MP, Dr. Jaroslaw Sachajko, we started to organize a conference on social energy in the Polish Parliament, in which Prof. Mark Z. Jacobson from the Stanford University in the United States, Fraunhoffer Society from Munich and Eric Christiansen, whose Danish company EBO manages cooperatives in Copenhagen, declared their willingness to participate. Unfortunately, the madness of the pandemic stopped our plans. After a couple of months of burrowing, I watched a Polish/American green film, “It’s OK to panic” directed by Jonathan Ramsey with Prof. Szymon Malinowski in the lead role. The film made me aware of the limits of my “green” PATIENCE and for this reason, one could say, the whole (published in parts) text was created.

The film presents the professor of Atmospheric Physics, who walks and rides around Warsaw and Poland and… says with sadness that this world will end. If we don’t reduce CO2. And that you have to listen to him, because he is a professor. His wife also says the same. And his colleague, nuclear physicist Marcin Popkiewicz. Although the professor doesn’t fully answer the journalists’ questions, he compensates them with statements about philosophy, politics, anthropology, student life and aversion to consumption. Almost like Chomsky. The  uttered thoughts often change the context and it’s not difficult at all to help “make” the green sense that will work on some bigger, more important picture.

For example, such an interesting juxtaposition of emotions: the defeatism of reality after climate change such as “I’m hiding my head under a pillow” or “we’re coming to the end of time” or “life will come back to cockroaches and there won’t be any of us” with repeated information about the death of his father and mother and sister, who passed away, naturally, probably because of old age, and the Professor will also say that his father read to them before sleep and then we’ll see pumped hydroelectric energy storage in Żarnowiec, which his father built. And Professor is proud of his father, who “left a trace, because not everyone can, but should…”. You know, Dear Reader, there are many tears in the eye… But how does it relate to the climate change? Why to make such a panegyric in honor of the Professor under the banner of looking for energy sources of clean emissions, to understand that what is needed??

Why doesn’t he say that mentioned power storage was designed to operate the NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN ŻARNOWIEC? Yes, yes, he is “…” PRONUCLEAR! Isn’t it then a MORAL BLACKMAIL – showing common old photos and touching video clips after the loss of loved ones, juxtaposing them with any public necessity? Was the professor aware of such an editing, or is it only the invention of the director? After a few days of growling I watched the whole movie. How can you blacken on this subject for an hour and not give any solution except recycling? Only memento mori and not a single word about nuclear. Maybe the professor said something, but the director cut it out? This plan is too perfect, as  some Marlowe would say.

Professor once praises the  Communist Polish People’s Republic that “at that time they made life decisions that no one makes today” (??), once he criticises food rations or simply lack of freedom. However. This is probably a film about a change of culture or politics or… some kind of gibberish. Striking such emotional tones, such that the Professor is “like a doctor who has to present a diagnosis and a treatment plan”. But there’s nothing about it at all. No prescriptions, plans, nothing. Only playing on the highest emotional note entitled THE END OF THE WORLD. If we don’t stop ourselves, of course, and “we will not choose a conscious government, which will act in peace”. HEH. COME ON!!

Or on the other hand: some clichés: “Our reality is that what the TV shows us.” But it’s a good thing that something shows reality – to paraphrase Shakespeare? Or maybe the point is that TV is the only reality of some people and it’s brainwashing? I don’t want to be picky, but in the context of the End of the World a little longer “We may not see the prospects. It doesn’t matter. I have experienced that the system can change suddenly. Something will change. Whether we want it or not. A new system is coming.” Again, there is a lack of concreteness. What system? A nuclear system? RES? Mixed? Or maybe A.I. or nanotechnology? 😉 Is it political or biblical metaphor? Just constant repetition of worn out and often empty phrases. It’s almost like from the brilliance of the mind of the Polish Nobelish President, who in one sentence is afraid of going to hell, and in next sentence he could still become a Pope.

I don’t doubt, of course, that the professor’s words diagnosing the perspective of life-based on climate change are scientific. It is good that he said that bees are dying, trees are being cut down and rivers are drying up. But this is what everyone has been saying for years. I was worried where he would get the water for these NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS from? It seems he prefers the newer generation. But probably they are not ready yet. So what now? Or maybe this built castle on the sand is exactly the fragile Nuclear Power Plant? A bit different Freudian mistake? I felt that something thicker was about to be cut out of it. But from the beginning. 

In 2017 Prof. Malinowski in front of my camera confirmed the theory of the occurrence of weather anomalies under the influence of the climate change in Poland. However, when he watched our film in March 2019, at the opening of the exhibition of our travel photos during the work entitled “Upstream”. (relation here), in the theatrical style of the XIX century, that is,  with a loud voice he expressed his attitude to the necessity of including nuclear energy in the mix during the energy transformation of Poland. And so immediately? Without any doubts? Later, when asked about joining scientific research to the production of the TV show, the professor advised that it is rather a research which can join such a series because of the colossal money they have from grants. Interesting

From the beginning, there is a link, close link between nuclear weapons and power plants. And the Atomic Energy Commission for example, where I worked during the 60s, is both in charge of both weapons and nuclear plants.
Dr Bernard Laponche

Later I was wondering, why he reacted so immediately, maybe because the performing Dr Bernard Laponche called the people of the nuclear industry completely SICK? An outstanding physicist, a pioneer of nuclear power plants, who later changed direction by 180 degrees. And he is completely uncompromising about the departure from nuclear energy. In October 2016 I met with Dr. Bernard Laponche in his apartment in Paris and made an interview. Everything couldn’t appear in the film Human Energy, but I think there will be no better opportunity to treat what Dr Laponche says in this atomic bidding as a bridge-type badge – RECONTRA.

if you want a position in France you have to be pro-nuclear (…) Even the National School of Administration which are preparing the high-level
civil servants, not in the technical part, but in these finance and diplomacy they are pro-nuclear (…) they are pro-nuclear because you have to be pro-nuclear is what I call the “conviction of career”.
Dr Bernard Laponche

In early June, Against Gravity, a Polish film festival announces that they’re postponing the opening date due to the pandemic, puts the film “It’s OK to panic” on Youtube for free for a week and announces: “Let us act together in the name of the overriding value of the good of our planet”. The film seems to cause a lot of noise. And after a while it appears again.

Director Jonathan Ramsey says in an interview: “such a film has not been made yet. When people think about climate films, they often think of several names: Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Attenborough and others. (…) I have always had the impression that their work lacks a deeper psychological element. After all, they are professionals, used to being in front of the cameras, delivering prepared content.” HEH. Who prepared the content for them?

The so-called information is so strong from the electricity company, from the state, from the Atomic Energy Commission, through the media, through the members of Parliament, through all the people in good positions that normal people don’t like it, but don’t see how we can get out.
Dr Bernard Laponche
A tweet from Ministry of Climate about Prof. Malinowski lecture

The Minister of Climate Dr. Michał Kurtyka, who studied industrial economics and physics at Ecole Polytechnique in France and was awarded a scholarship at the National Institute of Standards & Technologies in Washington, D.C., invites Professor Malinowski for talks and announces the Nuclear Plan for Poland for the coming years. Oh, so that’s what it was all about. I’ve recalled Minister Kurtyka as he talked about “human energy” at the Dispersed Energy Congress in November 2019 in Cracow. Nothing, of course, came out of it. So what was it for?

Michał Kurtyka: The nuclear is necessary for the transformation.

And after a while, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland announces that the President is going on his first trip during the pandemic to the covered in protests United States to sign a military and nuclear deal with President Trump. Following Donald Trump’s declaration in 2017, from November 2019 the US officially began the process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Despite climate catastrophes and losses reaching $400 billion in 2014-18, Trump continues to believe that the climate crisis is a part of the Chinese conspiracy against the US. Bravo to the image advisors of the President’s Office, BTW. It hasn’t even been 3 weeks since the premiere of “It’s OK to panic” on the web.  

More interestingly, before the visit former Trump’s counselor, John R. Bolton, can publish a book about Trump by the decision of the US Supreme Court. Apparently Trump forgot that he proposed Fort Trump to Poland at all. Trump’s polls are falling. There are more and more unemployed and homeless people on the streets. And we have been consistently trying for 50 years to build a nuclear power plant “at any cost”. That’s a hypocrisy, isn’t it, dear Miners?

“10 years ago both The German and American solar industry employed more people than the steel industry in the United States.”

Let’s assume that the director is young and had good intentions. To show unheard prophet, and the Professor is sensitive differently and didn’t say anything about the solution he thinks is right, because he forgot it or considers it inappropriate. This is hard to accept, especially since, as I mentioned earlier, a month before recording “It’s OK to panic” (at our “Upstream” exhibition) The Professor, accompanied by several dozen people, gave vent to his true emotions. Why didn’t he do it before millions of Poles?

-Sz. M.: Learn the basics of physics and don't drivel about storing energy in the network... God, how can dunces affect reality and destroy our future through a lack of knowledge at elementary school level. - Prz. St: It's not good for you, Professor. Great minus. Will you write the same way to Mr Bohdan or he is "yours" so you won't?

He is also doing the same in the web by setting up nuclear as a solution, and I have to admit, thanks to the courtesy of Dr. Ewa Dryjańska, that he’s quite active. So why didn’t he say anything about it in the film? Isn’t it because people are still divided on this matter? So, isn’t it best to build a sensitive, solid, beaten image, to scare people and use the fear to drag them to their own side? Why should they listen to the physics of clouds in connection with atomic energy, and not, for example, the physics of atomic reactors, and what is most important – the pioneer? 

Last year, during a show in Konin, a man threw a text at me: “Why is there a witch-hunt on nuke in the film?” “What kind of witch-hunt? – I answered, “I’m just surprised that in France, with such supposedly cheap energy, 20% of the population cannot afford it, that is about 12 million people. The French RES cooperative Enercoop organized a crowdfunding project for this group, among its members. They collected 10 thousand euros. After the meeting in Konin, Miłka Stępień from Greens, who organized the screening, recognized an employee of ZEPAK (Pątnów, Adamów and Konin lignite power plants). Currently, he seems to be the Vice President of the Board. Interesting.

- Sz.M.: There is no nuclear lobby, that is another untruth, but there are supporters of not rejecting nuclear power for ideological reasons. I strongly advise to start by comparing the possibility of existing energy stores with the current production of electricity from existing reactors that do not emit CO2. It is also worth to calculate how much CO2 we need to emit per unit of storage capacity.

Aside from the lack of consensus among scientists about the nuclear that it is LETHAL, EXPENSIVE, FROM LIMITED SOURCE, HAS MANAGED TO ABSORB THE VICTIMS, CONTINUES TO DO SO AND ITS DANGEROUS, DESTRUCTIVE WASTE WILL DECOMPOSE IN THE GROUND FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS, why is there no talk of the nuke at all in the context of social development? Why to take away people’ opportunity to organize and invest in renewable energy on their own? Why to maintain the tendency to centralize energy or power? Why is the word SYSTEM and not HUMAN constantly used? It is through such hypocrisy and social engineering that a sick and anxious society is born.

There are risks associated with uranium mines in Nigeria, Kazakhstan, or in the past in France. We have 250 uranium mines that have now stopped their operation but are still radioactive and contaminated (…). Prof. Bandazhevsky from Belarus was imprisoned for informing people about the danger of life in the contaminated area.
Dr Bernard Laponche

It is absurd to compare NUCLEAR to RES. Poland has so many undeveloped areas. Why can’t we make biogas plants pay off? Farmers who don’t find it profitable to cultivate the land would be delighted to grow low-demanding plants or trees to burn. Anyway, new technologies are constantly appearing, and the HYDROGEN PHASE has long since arrived. By the way, if you are so wise why no one will organize public drinking of Fukushima water? Or why don’t you set up an automatic machine with this water, e.g. in the Polish Parliament? WERA: After transporting the most expensive masks from China, there should be no problem with water from Japan.

So what if the atom has low emissions since the increasingly frequent weather anomalies can also have a direct impact on the safety of nuclear power plants, as Fukushima has also shown. Despite rising costs, long construction time, a hidden propaganda machine, buying pseudo-independent media, and so on. – Further on, nuclear power plants are facing DISASTERS. Just have a look at Wikipedia and look at the long lists of nuclear “incidents”, especially in the United States.

Renewables are based on local energy totally opposite to the central system, (…) where managers often act against people. My poor guy, you cannot say nothing against this enormous fortress of power.
Dr Bernard Laponche

The film “It’s OK to panic” in first credits informs that it was supported by Purpose Climate Lab, European Climate Foundation, ClientEarth Lawyers for Earth and German, allegedly anti-nuklear, Boll Foundation. I asked a well known activist in green society from one of the above mentioned organizations, which financially supported the film about panic: “Was not there a better film to support”? She replied “there will be no nuclear power plant in Poland anyway”. But does the professor know about it? Did the so-called green organizations inform him about it? If not, it would be pretty damn hypocrisy, isn’t it?

The mentioned green activist later, in the conversation compared “It’s OK to panic” to my film “Human Energy”. I wonder how she noticed this resemblance? Apart from this nuance, in my film nobody panics, everyone knows about the climate change for a long time and has finally found the right way and energy to act. Most people are on the move, often on the run, in the car, train or bus. They burn the human energy by fighting and organizing a better future for small and big communities. This is how they fight against corpo, exuberant consumption and irresponsible power. They simply take it into their own hands. They adapt the model of RES cooperatives to their own needs. They don’t lose their heads, but show precisely what needs to be done. The creation of such independent cells is often, but not always, accompanied by an enthusiastic desire for business and care for the other.

I do not adore renewables (…), but I believe that this is also changing society. The combination of demand-side measures, reduced consumption and the development of renewable energy sources, create a new “energy society” and not only an energy society, but a new society in general.
Dr Bernard Laponche

Someone will say “yes, but we have to buy these installations from another”. Well, if your country doesn’t care about RES and prefers to cultivate coal or nuclear hypocrisy and doesn’t want to invest in science and new technologies, and if something comes up, it doesn’t care about it, only about the electorate, it has to take it into account! This isn’t even an argument but a mere consequence of the short-sighted action of all governments so far. This is where you have to put a sign of equality and not allow this hypocrisy for years and then pretend to be a patriot. Shortening this PR and marketing and responding to the green activist – according to the protagonists in the film “Human Energy”, a marriage of business and social empathy can save not only the Earth but also a healthy relationship between power and citizen. I believe that also a good mood. FAIR ENOUGH?

To Be Continued…

Part 7 about pronuclear lobby and social engineering in Poland 

observed by Dr Ewa Dryjańska