Hypocrisy is the cancer of all kinds of clusters of human tissue. The first one to appear is INSINCERITY. As the family pretends that one of the members has no problem. Or at school, as a DOMINATION or an overwhelming acceptance of INJUSTICE. All that matters is wealth, strength, orientation, connections, tribe. Then it’s only slow to get used to the fact that the promised adult world of human dignity doesn’t t exist. And you can already lie, pretend, under the cloak of insult, block, not let it feel like YOU, probably past day.


The festivals started to appreciate the film Human Energy, we went to the official selection of competitions often selected from several thousand films. The first festival was in Pakistan. Later, different countries from five continents. We won a few. The premiere of the British 5-digit style of course we didn’t live to see. It was at Imperial College in London. After the Polish premiere of the film at COP 24 in Katowice, a South African woman stood up and said that it was the best discussion panel at the whole COP. But to interest the Polish climate minister with this film, it was out of the question. Strange. Why? It will turn out.

The British lobbyist (specialist from 6 &5 digit sums) is congratulating the success and is already proposing a 4-digit sum for distribution. When talks with a ‘set up’ distributor bring a poor and non-negotiable deal, we don’t give up. We decide to sell the film ourselves. Then the 4-digit sum is divided by 5, which definitely ends the relationship with the very serious lobbyist. We have set the price of a few dollars on a sales platform. Less even than a beer in a pub in Poland. It poured a cup of bitterness. “And also these online shows all over the world for money. Why? Everything green is for free.” When I hear such texts, I am reminded of communism in Poland, empty shelves in shops, propaganda on TV and the hidden crimes of the Soviet regime. Anyone who did not survive communism does not know what it is. 

Pokaz online. Zagrzeb, chorwacja 2018

Besides, I don’t understand, for example, why people from the other RES cooperatives, we have described and various other RES cooperatives in general, were so surprised? They have decided to do business together, they are supposed to be fighting for it and, on the other hand, they deny exactly the same relationship? This is the GREEN HYPOCRISY! A double standard. “Despite the profits I decide which green business should be regarded as ideological.” This is some twisted green Marxism.

Pokaz online. Bangkok, Tajlandia 2018

And then the various soulks started. Silence here, no answer there. Earlier, REScoop.eu on our proposal to join a film in some educational project did a moderately polite lecture over the phone about the priority of their work and we don’t fit in. One French green festival simply wanted to deceive us. Another such an ideological type I mentioned before, girl got the film for promising to gather from the audience to the hat. After the show, she failed to collect money, arguing that she did not know how to transfer it to the account. And all the time “STILL SOMETHING”. WERA: Does everyone have it, and only we wonder that it should be different?

Pokaz online. Moskwa, Rosja 2019

People who have previously distributed business cards at joint meetings, conferences, congresses in an attempt to look deeply into the eyes, don’t respond. And what is so inconvenient about this film? After all, it’s about an ordinary person to believe in community or RES business. Is this not what we fight for together? After all, people from RES coops achieve something, as you can see in the movie. Or maybe we haven’t met the demands placed on us (probably hidden) expectations and we have not shown something?


WERA: It was not easy to get promotion in Poland either. Yes, there was a lot of congratulations, but then the calls were not answered. The PR Agency from “The Critical Point”, the Polish green WWF film, after a promising conversation – silence. We were ignored for example by Against Gravity, Böll, GramwZielone, Green-News, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Institute of Renewable Energy, SmogLab, CIS, a few foreign ambassadors, dozens of private green entrepreneurs and so-called green mayors from so-called green municipalities. I didn’t hide the fact that I made the film mostly from my own resources, which may sound lameish to most of you nowadays, but I didn’t beg anyone. 

Filia Niemieckiej Fundacji Bölla. Warszawa 2016​

WERA: It wasn’t like we didn’t talk, often just about simple support. It was simply that at some point, the other side was no longer able to answer. Only to ignore. Apparently, saving the Earth is not enough to bring us together. I didn’t get any negative answer, just IGNORANCE. Is that COURTESY or HYPOCRISY? Or perhaps such a green POLICY? WERA: I may have been naive, but I thought the people in the common green circle would be the first to take an interest in it, to help spread it, to make others aware of it or to raise funds for distribution.  

We have tried three times to interest Polish Radio Wnet which is allegedly cooperative and affirming independence. On Radio Wnet’s birthday party the Chief even invited us to the table and we sang a song together: “We make Radio…”. Is a simple conversation about dispersed social energy at all possible when PGE is a sponsor? Apart from NON-POISONING, all the people we mentioned in the film earn money by using RES installations and paying smaller electricity bills. I don’t understand why the State cannot care about making citizens richer? The ultra-left side has taken a selective interest, because business cooperatives are on average compatible with Marxism. The whole right side is coal-oriented, and yet everyone is making REScoops so that capital doesn’t flow out of the country. No reaction. I felt as if I was standing in the middle and everything else was spinning around its axis without a chance to communicate with me or others. Yes, it is independence, BTW.  

Teatr Powszechny, Warszawa 2019​

I even went to the Local Energy Congress at the University of Cardinal S. Wyszyński in Warsaw. The legal aspects of the RES amendment were discussed. I got up, told a shorter version of my story and for a moment believed that my speech might have caused a stir. No such thing. Dozens of addresses where environmentalists would give their hand that they should be interested. Not even an answer. I’ve heard nothing else in these few years of implementation: “Together”, “Green Order”, “Together”, “Common sun and wind for all”, “Common future”, “For the other person”, “For the community” and all these calls married with green spirit. Where has it all gone? Or maybe I didn’t I have the right to feel DECEIVED? At the first news of the pandemic, we set up Human Energy movie on the website to watch for free.

To be Continued

In the next chapter about EKO-UNIA i ECO-PATRIOTIC DEBATES WWF