History goes around by/in wheel. What if it is 2 wheels? Or even 4? Good, it’s not around 40 & 4 because it would be a loooong wagoooon 😉  The more one story comes full circle & streches over the years, the more makes you take apart & analyze the paths of decisions all over again. Time can repeat itself spinning in a progressive cyphre spiral; but can it understand what processes what verifies what sometimes allows you to see what all about came from.. Where does e.g. the intrusive belief that experiencing pain puts us in some kind of light come from? You know what the nature of light is but to explain why exactly something happens to you… So the larger the space of those years tied up in one thread the greater the chance of understanding your story. Not to be constantly subjected to auto correction, which irritates at work & disturbs at play. And of course not to be constantly driven between Norman motels listening from mirrors the lust for reckoning. Whether it’s still Lynch or already Dylan if the Narcissus crossed on rented/credited apartments road friendly saying  “There’ll always will be some shit trying stick to you”.

These kinds of staff happen on the road. Also often the case you skip a chance to account for a story, you wanna miss that artificial wagon of tribal resentment and sexual gibberish re-purposed into a limousine of selfitchy blood & then you think to yourself you’re in a different place something different is happening… Nothing could be further from the truth. Seemingly the Machine’s Rotors continue to turn, but the message is still the same. But what does it mean? Really? What then? Which way? Again & similar & again – same story. But do I have to hurry with… it? An interesting text might have been said e.g. by Marian Rejewski to Alan Turing at the information exchange metatopofthehill: “You know there are different keys to reading the same matey.” Might it have been or not? But did could he say it? Does it matter? Maybe important maybe not. Some directors e.g. feel the need to apply an erotic key to the reading every scene no matter what the drama is. Nothing else fits them. Shouldn’t be obvious that what you don’t perform will be about the same. So, why are you surprised when you suddenly trying read/make metaphysics through politics and someone doesn’t say it’s art. That’s what ex act ly politics is. E.g. where do you know exactly from that I’m not playing politics at the precise moment. So maybe, if you find the right key to read your story maybe you’ll read something different & get out from the Groundhog Circle into freedom. Maybe you’ll even breathe mentally. Maybe yes maybe no. In other words a cycle of wheels circle adventure happens & feel the need to interpret it. Re-read yourself. Or even Free-read

The first time I saw him/her was in Polish Martial Law in a rich leaflet on shiny & fragrant beautiful paper the highest rated currency in the backyard exchange booth. The promos were from the West dreamt land of unattainable prosperity that time. From the East there were poor-quality Mielodia records & suspect Rojal alcoholic spirit. As a seventeen of the early 90s, I experienced my initiation wandering around Lyon for a while in a VW T2 with Indians I met in the ecumenical Taizeé. Later on studies I dreamed of converting a Nyska (popular police car) or a Żuk (popular cargo car) and setting off to West Europe. Through street theater, fencing & music earn for fuel & fuel. So… After 30 years and 662 sale advert views, I managed to find him/her

But before. Lockdown plague burrowing so where’s the closest place to breathe; get rid of the hiccups & btw look for him/her directly? The Netherlands. Piff puff paff. Lewiński whose family still there said he saw them standing by the road with an offer 😉 In your dreams, kitten. It’s EU citizens of S class; S not ex act ly like Samanta standing by the roadside waiting for the bus to the Big Plant to trial. That’s how they suddenly name the inspection and sorting of expensive products to scale the importance of the relationship. – Do you trial? – Me? I’m trialing all the time! 

I bought a well-kept cheaply retro bike and went there to trial around too. The peoples’ satisfaction after idle work effectively knocks out visions of an ambitious film about emigrants so back to the net and suddenly I find him/her not far from the Polish Legionowo. No shit.

Truly 7.2 m long looked like from the Blues Brothers. The form seemed to be similar but is it really the same load? But moment.. where will I fit with him/her in Europe? And also… in a moment the diesels with retro engines become obsolete in the EU. When I came back to Poland by retro bike the offer was already outdated. S like everything I had on hand didn’t want to throw. After a few days I found one which… could be somehow someday someone for.

Assembled in La Limouzinière France a 1986 Peugeot J5 with 2L petrol engine (79hp) + added LPG (14/18L) in a Pilote R800 body. Winter version with double floor double plastic windows in the rear & 12 radiators for the Swedish market. From there arrived. Apart from the salmon-colored plastic bathroom cover, which I was not 100% sure of and which I got rid of, the rest of the interior including upholstery turned out to be original. Dozen owners 150 thousand km mileage recorded engine service and 35 years of such respect for the object? Nu ładna. But it’s not ex act ly a fairy tale, if the Hare is still being chased by the Wolf (old Russian popular cartoon not ex act ly in Disney style), because the last tenant was a trash metal group. Paint it black whereever you can dog. You could obviously imagine under the scorching sun wailing on the desert: “No i cóż że cesarz ze Szwecji…(“So what the emperor is from Sweden” – tuff diction Polish theatre exercise, hard to speak quick btw) cackles the lamb in the oven/funeral caravan cooking for the serving. The original water-conditioning has long since stopped working. They saved the silver mesh glued to the plywood inside the cabinet doors. Wonder why? He/she was killed by a Polish salesman from Dęblin who lost selling hope & left him/her under a pine tree at parents’ place regardless of rain. Cleverly to spite the Swedes; under the flood get rid of him/her faster. The resin streaks & the butt sat. Like the invariably possible title of a the same new Polish comedy based on a best-selling book by a supposedly penitent female writer. Not knowing the exact gender I named the limousine Husbil. Original & careful; Swedish word for camper.

The hardest part is when sellers know you care obviously. Just like in life. One word too many one hue too warm one eye too light up. Consumed by life you already escaped in your dreams in your camper to Atlantis… and shit. Again. Lies psycho extreme leverage played to advantage and your wallet hurts. You can’t check everything right away, so this pain lasts for a while. My said dealer Lech Wheeler (seriously suspect real name) assured about many assets of this car & also mentioned with little trembling that he happens to be dishonest. So if someone is running the cable from the solar by drilling a hole in the shower tray then what can you expect? Pat and Mat. (Czech cartoon from the same time) And still later, standing in the paddling pool flooded from the ceiling after a downpour, I listened to a cheeky salesman demanding “300PLN” (75$) for the excise certificate. But do you see it right away? Are you not ashamed of it? Do you already love this car so much & don’t want to read it? What keeps you from understanding it? And the persistent Gastherma heater collapse has been analyzed by a dozen mechanics and gas engineers. Each has got own diagnosis and not so much enthusiasm for the job. One is just on fire explaining that “not all stoves can be put back together” so for a “cheap seven hundred” webasto he already wants the measure taken. Los lobos kamperos amigos. Some want to milk you out of your camper love, others want to help because of that. But which are which? 😉 Btw, if you are interested in being the Big Thirteen of expertise let me know.

Some campervan photos and myself were taken by Weronika Bloch

ciąg dalszy nastąpi

to be continued