The photos are arranged in chronological order, so perhaps this is some kind of storyboard.

PRAGUE 3.02.2024



PARIS 4.02.2024

The first day in Paris(sa) I was almost sure, I saw Monica Bellucci on the sidewalk near Notre Dame. Jean cloud or not jean Cloud 😉 Still chrono logic ally. Keep the Worl(L)d. A Live.E

AMSTERDAM 8-17.02.2024

The works below are from Rini Antonissen’s Gallery, a collection of which he inherited from his aunt. If I had the money I would buy it back without hesitation. Maybe I would then make a museum with them, they are so unusual, significant, ohh, nothing to say more,  just see them.

The works below are from the Astrid Cornelisse Gallery. She told me that times have already changed so that it’s very difficult to sell a work of art today. Especially from the street entrance. For me, for example, it’s difficult to understand how I couldn’t see the artwork with my own eyes at all and buy it. After all, in general, so many senses work at once in an artistic act. Both in creation and in reception. It would have to be a totally unique work of art, I guess.

When I lived for a few days in that first hotel, I kept hearing excited conversations of various female voices outside the door of the room located right next to mine, and one name was often mentioned, seemingly the most important of this whole female circle. Please guess which one?


Amsterdam has banned street performances, which is to say, in a free sense, completely insane. Manuel is half Brazilian half Lebanese. He simply squatted in the garden of a wet café. Maybe he paid attention to the rings, because we immediately started talking about it. I led him to my favorite vintage boutique Kurd Ewan, eleven years now in Amsterdam he runs it. Manuel, an actor and performer, bought some rings. He didn’t even care about the audience. He drew two posters, put them on the wet ground and that was it. He just had to sing. An hour-long set. What to say. A rarity. But what a background. When I told him why I was here he seriously replied that I should. For the good of the cause. I have met thousands of people like him in this very way in my life.

Before the trip

Polaroid photos are such a rarity these days, btw. I’m not sure, I found what I was looking for. Anyway, some new friends, some unusual purchases 😉 

So… I was thinking to myself upon my return about one interesting circumstance that perhaps sums up this whole trip just now, namely, when I was changing rooms at the first hotel, as I was running out of rental options, I heard one text from the receptionist, commenting on my new room choice, that I must be a… lucky man. Hm. A rare text in such a situation, what to say. Me a lucky man. Funny, isn’t it.

3.05.2024, TBC…