Until now, I have considered it a sign of weakness to write ‘about’ or ‘around’ my work. But times have changed. The media in all its glory have revealed their political nature, because whoever gives money, requires something in return. However, the recent events around the promotion of the new Polish “green” documentary film have overshadowed the overwhelming, in my opinion, concept of the so-called “green complaint”. By awakening community and compassion in environmentally sensitive people, a useful view of is being incorporated into the State, weak in this discipline, and disgusting manipulations are being made on people. And since the directly related adventures of the last nine years have formed a single story, I allow myself to tell it from the beginning. Please think twice before you accuse me of marketing, for example. I just fight for clean energy.

Until I was 18, I did not pay special attention to so-called ecological movements. I grew up in the countryside and, despite moving to the city, I helped my father, the energy engineer of Białystok Furniture to cultivate the land after work. My mother, a public sector economist, cultivated the garden: “Nothing tastes as good as your own”. As long as our grandparents were alive, we raised various animals, later only a flock of sheep. A beautiful life.


One day everyone comes to help you, then you go to help others. It’s just that. I do not poison. I don’t waste it. Especially time, because my father repeats: “Work likes a stupid.” Consumption for a human, not the other way round. It is well known that a car causes pollution, just like cigarettes are fashionable. There is nothing else. The limit is decency. Nothing sacred. 

Podlasie 2020

In the early 1990s it was no longer worthwhile to cultivate small areas.  On the third and fourth high school holidays I went with my colleagues to Czymanów near Żarnowiec for the Energy of Art Festival. Not far from the pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant, built especially for the needs of the uncompleted nuclear power plant planned for years. Concerts were to be a protest against its construction. Later the festival turned into the annual Woodstock Festival and no nuclear power plant was built in Poland. The energy of art.


I thing about it again, because recently, the atomic “scene” of Poland has been boiling again. Again, the same arguments. Only social engineering has changed. As Prof. Jan Popczyk, a renowned Polish energy engineer, recently said to me: “It is not worth getting caught up in this game. From the beginning, it is about polarising the society, taking the money and doing nothing”. This was in line with my observations. Just another form of hypocrisy, perhaps more advanced. We will come back to that.


After 20 years of working in the media, first as a radio station, actor, screenwriter then director and editor, producer at last, when I am slowly becoming independent (see ABOUT ME), the topic of energy comes back to me. In 2011 I met Ronan Lynch. An Irish doctor of history, musician and DJ. He lives in Berlin and travels with a cardboard exhibition about sound systems. He used to have long dreads, aka Jah Seal and talked to Sinead o’Connor. I was in Jamaica  (see Paths Into Marley) so we have something to talk about.


I am going with Ronan and the editor of their magazine “IrieUp” Paula Strzelecka to my place. Ronan was a journalist in Austin, Texas, and dealt with fossil fuels and scams from well-known corporations. He says that each journalist had a “SPIRIT” in a black SUV. This is supposedly obvious. Whoever controls the energy market controls everything.  I’m editing “Waterproof” out of the Internet materials. – the Ronan’s report on shale gas and its production licences in Poland.

If you believe that there is no energy lobbying, it is more or less like believing that buckwheat groats fall from the sky.

After the online premiere, a colleague of mine from our common social high school circle complains about me in the social media claiming that I am a Russian spy. What a performance, man. It turns out that my colleague graduated from the Military Academy. I felt the Spirit of Hypocrisy touching me. Why? I have no right not to like letting tons of chemicals into the Earth? Do I have to think “with the same business” as his superior? Money and politics. There is no third position. There is an enemy. The answer to “Gasland” is another film, “FrackNation”,  the answer to “An Inconvenient Truth” is “Not Evil Just Wrong” and so on. Where else are the directors trying to discredit themselves? And, more importantly, for whose money? It turned out that there is no shale gas in Poland. And once again we saw a puppet theatre. While working on the next my independent film “Rasta” in the Gallery on Dobra Street in Warsaw, more stories about media social engineering came out.

If you want to say something in the media, ESTABLISH yours. This is the easiest way.

To be continued..